Trucks for multiuse

Last week me and my friend Olle visited the local secondhand-shop
to buy some extras for the Halloween. Olle got lucky and me too. :)
I found two identical trucks for only 2 Euros each.
First I will repaint the trucks in a "neutral colour" than can
be used by many participants
These trucks  will be very useful and I plan to make a modular rear
section both with and without cover-top.
The cover-top will be built in three versions: russian, german
and one with no markings for Fallout skirmish and modern warfare.
The cover-tops will be built using matchsticks and thin wooden
icecream-handles for the frame.The "textile" will be built using
thick papernapkins that will be applied using pva-glue and
wrapped on the frame. I am not sure if I also will build a module
with AA-guns or a 
heavy machine-gun or maybe a
multiple rocket-ramp!? :)

NB! The plastic cover-top is just to illustrate the size and
will be replaced with the ones described in the text above.


Creatures of the sea

I am living a very hectic life for the moment but I trying to
make some time for my hobby.Last week I found some
real nice details to add to my scenery when I am playing
Pirate-skirmish.Eventhough the fishes are a bit out of
scale and childish I think it will add some more positive
feeling to the gaming table.
My favourites are the squids and the crab and I am also
planning to make rules for these as predators.

I also found some more cars that can be converted and
used i Fallout skirmish. The red car will be splendid with
some chains and rust. I prefer to convert plastic cars because
the are easy to glue and drill holes into.
Last but not least I also found some wings to use to
"creatures of the night". They will look very nice when mounted
and with some paint.


A nice game of SoTR

On sunday two weeks ago me and my friend Olle played
a nice game of Secrets of the third reich.
The points were set to play with two platoons and with 
the support of one light mecha each.
The two mechas were equipped each with one flamer and 
one heavy machine gun. Both me and my friend had high 
expectations for these robotic-creatures and they
were all fulfilled.These mechas were both fast and
delivered quite a punch when engaging the enemy.
The players were russians(me) and germans(olle).
I was a bit rusty on the gaming-rules but we managed
eventhough this fact to get a fun and not to un-
realistic game. For my friend it was the first
game of SoTR and he liked a lot. To summarize, I
like this game both for the fast gameplay but also
for the fantasy-aspect and the possibilty to 
scratchbuild own mechas and vehicles.
The game was very straight forward and also bloody.
We agreed to play "advance and who dares wins". :)
My russians advanced and got a lot of casualities
but managed to reach the center of the table.
Olle didn´t hesitate and hammered my infantry hard
with MG-fire but my mecha got a serious hit with its 
flamethrower and knocked him out.
With the german mecha on fire my chances to win 
grew rapidly but we were forced to a gamebreak when 
my daughters got to hungry... :)
The next SoTR-game will probably be even more bloody but
we will scratchbuild at least 3 mechas on each side
and this will be great fun indeed. 


German mecha to SoTR

Eventhough I have a very busy schedule I have managed
to convert a Mutant Chronicles-mecha to active "service"
in the game Secrets of the third reich.
I will use this piece as a command vehicle and the arsenal
is "light" when it comes to Mechas but it will deadly
using its firepower against PBI (poor bloody infantry). :)
The bits comes from GW and are a flamer(Imperial guard)
and a Orc-gun both for the game 40k.
Other bits are taken from tanks to 40k (smoke, fueltank).
Finally I will also make a hood to protect the driver.
I am not sure if I will add a antenna and some more
protection (schuerzen on the legs of the figure)!?
The camo-paint will be SS (late war), autumn-colours.
Have a nice weekend to all out there. :)



In my projects I am always looking for items
to complete them and recently I made some
very useful finds in my local second hand shop.
Two cars and a yellow boat to convert for 
Fallout-skimish, a armoured car to convert and
use for Secrets of the third reich (the soviets).

The car with a high roof will be converted to
a hotrod-vehicle to get the right Mad Max-look.
A naval cannon and two very nice landing boats
for pirate-skirmish.

A stretcher on wheels that will be my first
very essential item to build a evil laboratory/
sanatorium for Secrets of the third reich.
Finally some modular "iron"-fences to use
in modern scenarios.
Very useful items and I am really looking
forward convert and start playing game with


Fow-gifts and goodies

A couple of weeks ago I was offered to pick up some
hobby-related items from my friend Peter.
I had asked him that I was looking for the old armylist
for battle of Berlin 1945 (Fow second edition) and
he told me that for him it was old stuff and not
usable anymore. I also got a lot of other gifts and
to express my feeling I was really happy.
To name some of the items: complete ruleset of
Fow 2nd and 3rd edition,tankobstacles, bits,
runestones and sandbag-stronghold.
Thankyou very much Peter!!!


First sceneries for a pirate-harbour

Last week I made some really nice finds to 
my pirate-skirmish-project. It costed me
only 3 Euros second hand and the condition
of these pieces are really good.
A friend of mine told me that these items
are from the playmobil range but the scale
doesn´t show and it will fit in perfectly after
some extra work. I am planing to make
a rocky base for my watch-tower and inside
I will make a stone-pavement to be able to
post a naval-cannon.
The very top of the watchtower will also be
fitted with a larger-base to be able to place
figures as guards or scouts.
The prison-fortress will be fitted with a 
upper compartment and also a roof.
The lower-compartment will be fitted with
a opening to be able to fit a naval gun
inside.Squares are already made on two
sides so the placing of these openings are
already decided. The last find is a very toy-
like small island and I am not sure what to
use this for or how to convert it.Maybe I will
figure out this later.The baseplate to this island
is very useful only to glue on some sand
and place as a small obstacle or scatterterrain.
Very great finds indeed and now I only need to
make some islands and a small village and a harbour. :)